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Zach Carter is a Christian, husband, father of three, and pastor at Redeemer Huntsville.

He received his PhD in Church History and Historical Theology at Southern Seminary, and recently co-edited Cloud of Witnesses (Crossway, 2024).

He grew up LDS, became agnostic, and became a Christian at age seventeen.

His journey to Christianity was an unexpected one. He watched Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code and began to question the problem Christians had with it. From there, two friends patiently shared the gospel with him.

A few months into his investigation, his friends presented him with a Bible which had been signed by dozens of people who had been praying for him to see the truth. It wasn’t for another three weeks before he cracked the cover and read the short, meaningful signatures from all of those people. Overwhelmed with love, Zach resigned his resistance to the gospel and decided to listen. Two weeks later, he decided to follow Christ.

Far from perfect, he is daily being conformed into the image of Christ.

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Does Your Faith Offend Enough People?

I propose a new church-growth model: Preach in such a way where you try to offend as many peoples’ sensibilities as possible. Throw as many stumbling blocks in front of religious people as you can. Unashamedly hold out the apparent foolishness of Christian dogma to the skeptical.

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The Worst Sort of Grumbling

Numbers 16:41–50 serves as a warning to myself and those who would be tempted to cast off God’s commands, chart their own path, and then grumble about the consequences.

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