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Does Your Faith Offend Enough People?

I propose a new church-growth model: Preach in such a way where you try to offend as many peoples’ sensibilities as possible. Throw as many stumbling blocks in front of religious people as you can. Unashamedly hold out the apparent foolishness of Christian dogma to the skeptical.

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25 Helps for Family Worship

A lot of us did not grow up in homes where our parents made concerted efforts at discipling us (largely because no one had done the same for them!) and we struggle to know what discipleship looks like in a Christian home. Richard Baxter helps us with this through 25 directions for family discipleship, which are doable, freeing, and helpful. You’ll find that he prescribes faithful plodding and not heroic conquest.

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Beauty and the Bad Argument

I really debated whether to enter the fray on Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast. Between mommy blogs and Christian commentators, what could I add to the conversation that will edify anyone? Then, I encountered an impressively bad argument.

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Why I Told My Students that Leviticus Is My Favorite Book of the Bible

Leviticus is—admittedly­—one of the harder books of the Bible to interpret and apply, but through hard work and study, one will come to see that Leviticus, perhaps as much as any other book, teaches the profound need for mankind to be saved from their sins and God’s gracious provision for that salvation. In my mind, that qualifies the book as a favorite.

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An Old Dusty Story: Ash Wednesday

We are a storied people. We are shaped by the stories that we tell. This is James K.A. Smith’s idea of ‘cultural liturgies.’ It is in recognition of these cultural liturgies that I have cultivated a practice of intentional liturgy. I think the big question comes down to this: are you consciously liturgical?

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